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In each case, the price of the services is determined individually. It depends on the nature of the company activities, the number of employees, the number of documents received and sent.

Bookkeeping plans


0,00 € per month.

Private limited liability company

39 € per month.
For individuals/entities not registered
as tax payers for VAT purposes
39 € per month.
For individuals/entities registered
as tax payers for VAT purposes
59 € per month.

Small partnership

39 € per month.
For individuals/entities not registered
as tax payers for VAT purposes
39 € per month.
For individuals/entities registered
as tax payers for VAT purposes
59 € per month.

If our services are used to start up a company, keeping account of the first month is free of charge.


    How much money does bookkeeping take up?

    Let’s analyse several elements that may affect the cost of bookkeeping services before we look at bookkeeping prices in Lithuania. They are:

    The size and complexity of your business

    Bookkeeping fees will, of course, rise proportionally with the size and complexity of your organisation in Klaipėda. This is because more complex transactions will take more time and effort to record appropriately. For instance, a startup with no employees and no tax registration will pay less than a well-established company with a large workforce and a lot of revenue and outgoings.

    The Bookkeeper’s Background and Skills

    Bookkeepers with more expertise and education will charge more for their services. Again, a bookkeeper’s credentials may play a role in their price, with more certifications typically resulting in higher rates.

    How often do you use the services?

    Weekly or monthly bookkeeping costs more than quarterly or annual bookkeeping in Kaunas. The services you utilise also affect the bill. Because of this, hiring an in-house bookkeeper is frequently more expensive than outsourcing. An in-house part-time bookkeeper costs more than an independent contractor.

    Your business’s location

    Last but not least, bookkeeping costs vary by geography. In Ireland, bookkeeping services cost more in larger cities than in smaller towns and rural areas; however, employing an Internet accounting service can save money.

    How UAB Finsauga Can Help

    The following is a summary of important aspects of UAB Finsauga in Vilnius:

    • Professional invoicing system and templates with numerous payment alternatives, automated late payment reminders, and more.
    • State-of-the-art method for keeping tabs on business costs and ensuring nothing is forgotten. Including importing from bank accounts and scanning various receipts.
    • Capabilities for keeping track of time spent on numerous projects by the same team.
    • Integrated client collaboration and status reporting via project management software.
    • Checkout button/credit card/other automated payment options.
    • The capacity to manage complicated financial systems, generate financial reports and dashboards, and view payment, profitability, and bank account data.
    • Tools for keeping track of financial activities, tax filing deadline alerts, employee benefits administration, and much more.
    • A mobile app that allows you to input receipts and access crucial data on the fly.

    UAB Finsauga is trusted by many enterprises thanks to its adaptability, reliability, and scalability. If you run your own bookkeeping business, have an in-house staff who has been educated to do so, or use the services of an outside accounting firm, UAB Finsauga is an option for you.