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We provide bookkeeping services for various types of small and medium-sized enterprises in Lithuania – from the processing of primary documents to preparation of financial statements.


Our bookkeeping services:

  • Bookkeeping from primary documents to preparation of a financial statement.
  • Preparation of financial statements based on customer needs.
  • Submission of reports and notifications to Sodra.
  • Filling in and submission of returns to the STI.
  • Completion and submission of statistical reports to the Department of Statistics.
  • Provision of accounting services to organisations of various legal forms (private limited liability company, small partnership, sole proprietorship, Apartment Owners Association).


    Need A Bookkeeper Accountant

    The cost of hiring a Bookkeeping services in Klaipeda is often seen as prohibitive by small business owners. It’s also possible that they believe it’s less expensive to manage everything themselves. A good bookkeeping service, however, can have a dramatic effect on your financial situation. Your personal and professional life will benefit greatly from your reduced time spent on mundane but essential financial tasks.

    What’s included?

    The outsourced Bookkeeping solution UAB Finsauga provides is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of businesses of varying sizes. Common examples of service include:

    Reconciling the account every day

    Get an accurate picture of your financial situation whenever you want it.

    Personal attention from a regional sales representative

    An assigned finance officer will be available to you during regular business hours, five days a week.

    Sales & receivables

    We keep you apprised of the financial standing of your clientele, balancing payments with your sales database and contacting those who need to be faster to pay.

    Bank reconciliation

    We eliminate paper bank statements by reconciling bank and credit card transactions directly in the cloud ledger.

    Streamlined financial systems

    We offer guidance and assistance in automating labor-intensive, human-error-prone procedures in Establish New Entities Lithuania Bookkeeping Klaipeda.

    Tax-Vat Accounting

    We handle all Tax-Vat accounting and related statutory reporting on your behalf.

    Financial Reporting

    You can learn more about the status of your business with the help of personalised reports and periodic reviews.

    Reasons to Pick Us

    Complete transparency into your financial situation

    When you require access to reliable financial data, you can rely on daily reconciliations to provide it.

    Insights into your company’s finances that you can trust

    You may grow your company with the help of the information in our straightforward reports and Establish New Entities Lithuania.

    Bookkeeping Service | Accounting Assistance whenever you need it, without delay

    At a fraction of the expense of a full-time Bookkeeping Service | Accounting Kaunas, your UAB Finsauga support team is available five days a week.

    Financial processes that are streamlined and automated

    Our web-based software streamlines the billing and accounting processes for your business’s purchases in the cloud.

    Respect for legal requirements

    So that you can rest easy, we take care of all of your GST and BAS reporting needs, along with any other regulatory compliance requirements.

    It works with a wide variety of computer systems

    From POS systems and supplier platforms to payment systems and Bookkeeping software for Establish New Entities Lithuania, we support many software platforms.

    How can I get started?

    Are you prepared to let professionals handle your books? Great! Contact our friendly team to begin. Solo entrepreneurs and small businesses get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get a free quote for our expert Bookkeeping Vilnius services immediately. Check out our other services and software, now available online, to learn more about us.