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Your smart financial partner.


  • Longstanding experience.
  • Reliability of the company confirmed by Abalt certificate.
  • We use one of the most popular and reliable accounting programs.
  • Secure. Data is stored on the server.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Our customers are satisfied.
  • We are flexible.
  • We advise our customers.
  • The customer can log in to the accounting program and see the performance indicators.
  • ‘Unexpected’ taxes do not exist.
  • The customer chooses to pay a fixed or variable price.
  • We respond on the same working day.
  • We work with electronic documents.
  • We work with other accounting programs.
  • We communicate by phone, e-mail and via such apps as Skype; Viber; and Teams.
  • We communicate in Lithuanian and English.
  • Customers get free of charge the templates needed for the activities.
  • Once you will start to work with us, we will take over the documents and transfer the data to our accounting system free of charge.
  • If you will quit working with us, we will hand over the archive and all documents to you free of charge.
  • We can enter into an open-ended contract.
  • We are constantly improving our skills, participate in seminars, are interested in tax innovations.
  • We are constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently, are investing in artificial intelligence systems.
  • All our workers have a higher education degree.
  • Socially responsible company.